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Fence Line Bunk Feeder

Fence Line Bunk Feeder

Fence Line Bunk Feeder
Connect as Several Using the Easy Connecting Couplers
2 Models Available
10' Fence Line Bunk Feeder has 7 Feed Openings
12' Fence Line Bunk Feeder has 8 Feed Openings
Heavy Duty Construction
Dimensions: 38" Wide, 58" Tall
12 Gage Sheet Adds Heavy Duty Strength
Reinforced Bracing for Added Strength
Feed Saving Features


Fence Line Bunk Feeder

Additional Features

New Design - Inside Lip Bunk has an Inside Lip to Promote Feed Savings and Adds Strength
Water Drain Holes on Both Ends
4 Wide Feet for Stability


Connect them together at top with Easy Connecting Coupler

Connects at bottom with Easy Connecting Coupler

Inside lip for feed savings,
Adds Strength and Rigidity

Reinforced bracing for added strength


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